CDC Board Minutes

Union County Community Development Corporation
Minutes for Board Meeting March 20, 2014
Board Room, Beck and Cooper Law Offices
6:00 PM


In attendance:

Noel Allen, President, Terrell Jones, Vice President, Gina Windle, Treasurer, Patsy Poling, Robbie Beck, Atty, Pal Austin, Walter Hall, Leroy Wood, Mark E Van Wormer MD, Executive Director, Sue Richardson, Union County Leader, William Consuegra (Commissioner of Public Lands Office Representative), Adam Harper, Osceola Wind, Galina Kofchok, Osceola Wind
In absentia: William Birdwell, Shirley Carter, Larry Fluhman

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by president Noel Allen, a quorum was declared.

Approval of the Minutes of August 15th 2013, motion by Leroy Wood, second by Gina Windle. Approval of Agenda: motion by Noel, second by Walter Hall

New Mexico Public Land Office Presentation: William Consuegra presented information regarding the Triangle Wind Farm, the state land requirements regarding auction of public land regarding the Triangle wind farm, and information regarding the Lucky Corridor Transmission Line. The presentation shed a very positive light on the rapidly approaching day that electrical energy generated in Union County will soon be carried out of the state for retail in other markets. This process will improve county gross receipts tax; improve revenue to schools and hospital and public works. Per the SLO rule 9, leases with a term of greater than 5 years must be advertised and go to public auction for bids. The public auction regarding some of the land to be acquired for wind generation in the Triangle Wind Farm, will be held on the Union County Court House steps on April 28th 2014. However, based on the excellent package of information submitted by Lynn Greene on behalf of Triangle, it is not expected that anyone other than triangle will be in the running for acquisition of this land. On another note, Will noted that the Public Land office is very interested in future public private partnership deals in energy development and other resource utilization projects. The land office has hired Will for just this public interaction.


Discussion of Old Business
A. BioFuels Project: Dr Van Wormer Hosted a town meeting with Blume Distillation at the Rabbit Ear Café recently in order to answer questions regarding the feasibility of a BioFuels Industry placed at the industrial Park in Clayton utilizing locally grown substrate for Ethanol production. Todd Poling has special interest in substrate production and also potentially in the refinery itself. The meeting followed two days of exploration of the area by David Blume of Blue Distillation of Watsonville, California et al, as well as civic leaders demonstrating the abundant resources of the Industrial Park, Effluent Ponds and surrounding pivot farming lands. The culminating experience of the seminar was very positive in that David Blume presented the real potential of BioFuels production in Union County, as well as the multitude of Spinoff businesses which could be anticipated based on byproduct production.  The session really opened the eyes of people regarding the potential of BioFuels in Union County. The project is a result of the arduous and lengthy research performed by Taos BioFuels LLC, Richard Mason and Douglas Webb, both who have been involved in this project for many years.

B. Wind for Schools Project Update:  Dr Van Wormer presented Adam Harper of Osceola, LLC Energy, and the equipment installers for the Wind for School Project. The tower for the wind mill placed on school property was raised and the project is currently generating electricity. The project was funded by the Frederick Leonhard Foundation of Albuquerque and the ENMR School based Grant fund. The project is essentially completed except for the computer monitoring software requirements of wind generation which will be used as a tool for school based wind energy production research and the foundation of school energy curriculum. The program is completely on schedule as proposed in the grant requirements. Dr Van Wormer has been keeping up with the periodic updates to the Frederick Leonhard Foundation required by the granting process.

C. Update on Wind Energy in Union County: Dr Van Wormer had an hour long interview with Lynn Greene the day before the Board meeting and reported on the positive progress being made both by the Triangle Wind Farm, and the Lucky Corridor Transmission Line project. Lucky Corridor will probably be the first transmission line to carry wind energy out of Union County.

D. Physician Recruiting: Rachel Van Wormer, attorney at law, immigration attorney has advertised in hundreds of venues and been unable to find a candidate for Union County General Hospital. This process is very discouraging at present; however she had other ideas in terms of advertising and recruiting which will be entertained. To date, only $1,000.00 of a $4, 0000.00 dollar contract have been spent on these difficult efforts.

E. NEEDO-NM Strategic Planning sessions: Dr Van Wormer is the secretary of the 501 3 C organization NEEDO-NM.  NEEDO is a regional economic development group involving Union, Colfax, Mora, Quay, Guadalupe, San Miguel and Harding County. All counties are now participating in the task of defining the major economic development goals in SMART Goal format for the region. These regional economic goals will then be used in an application to the federal government for “Promise Zone,” designation, in order to assist in grant funding for more robust economic development regional projects in the future. Although a fair amount of travel is involved, it is critical that Dr Van Wormer be involved in the success of this organization.  Dr Van Wormer represented Union County at NEEDO night at the legislature in December in Las Vegas NM.

F. Sponsorship donation requests: Dr Van Wormer has sent sponsorship donation requests to Southwest Electric, GEO, ENMR, Clean Line Energy, Ranch Market, Baca Valley Telephone, First National Bank, Farmers and Stockman’s Bank, First Southwest, Lucky Corridor Transmission, Owaissa Wind/ Foresight Wind, Water Power Cogeneration, and Gas Co of NM to date. Of those, First National, Farmers and Stockman’s, Gas Co NM, and Baca have responded.

G. Updates and Edits on Website: This issue needs to be addressed as we have received notice from the IRS of Levy regarding payments to WEDA. Since WEDA generates most of our Leads and does web edits and hosting of our website, this situation needs to be resolved for us to move forward with WEDA.


Discussion of New Business
A. Economic Developer Mark Van Wormer MD to attend the 2014 Rural Economic Development Forum in Hobbs New Mexico April 1-3.

B. Request by Economic Developer to attend the NM First Facilitated Water Discussion meeting in Albuquerque April 15 and 16. No action taken on this item.

C. CCI 2014-2015 Goals: Tim Hagaman, Region IV State of NM economic development has been in contact with Dr Van Wormer regarding some projects for the 2014 -2015 CCI year. These include building inventory to be placed on the state website, and some better understanding of the industrial park business plan.

D. A request to develop an Industrial Park Business Brochure was made; no action was taken on the item.

E. Recently Dr Van Wormer submitted the yearly lodger’s tax request to include additional expenditures incurred by the UCCDC for hosting the yearly Legislative Luncheon in Santa Fe at the Inn at Loretto. Generally the town’s contribution is larger. Since this event does result in increased exposure in Clayton, it was presumed Lodgers tax may be of help for the deficit.

F. Dr Van Wormer has been attending multiple meeting hosted by the Union County Network regarding a collaborative marketing grant in associating with the New Mexico Department of Tourism. This is a matching grant to be used by a number of collaborating non profits to enhance tourism in Union County. It is important for the UCCDC to be involved in this process with some in kind matching funding, although no action was taken on the amount at this time.

G. Request to Sponsor a table at the upcoming Chamber banquet, no action was taken on this request

H. Request to clean up the property owned by the UCCDC adjacent to the Wind for Schools project. Noel was not opposed to cutting down some of the dead fall and cleaning this property up for the sake of wind enhancement for the Wind for Schools project.


Economic Developer’s Report:
Dr Van Wormer listed the RFP’s he has responded to since the last board meeting. These included Project Evergreen (an experimental greenhouse project for the industrial park, NM Partnership), Project Organic (Malaysian waste digesters for fertilizer manufacture, NM Partnership, the RFP was answered successfully and a site visit ensued), Project Magu (Industrial Hemp, WEDA), Project KOKou (Gun Manufacturing , WEDA), Project Mithra (Utility pole manufacture, WEDA), Project Ezra (Green Pre Fab Construction, WEDA), Project Ra (Solar Panel Company, WEDA), Project Panel (Pre Fab buildings, WEDA), Project Mars (Gun Magazines, WEDA), Project Alpha (Fertilizer Plant, WEDA).

Dr Van Wormer also listed the Grants he has obtained to date:

  1. PNM Grant 10,000.00 Luna Theater
  2. ENMR Grant 5,000.00 Luna Theater
  3. ENMR Grant 5,000.00 Wind for Schools
  4. Frederick Leonhardt Grant 20,000.00 Wind for Schools
  5. ENMR Grant 10,000.00 Taylor Welding
  6. ENMR Grant 10,000.00 Brad’s Auto
  7. ENMR Grant 5,000.00   CrossRoads Coffee
  8. ENMR Grant 10,000.00 Gladstone Mercantile
  9. ENMR Grant  3,500.00
  10. ENMR Grant 10,000.00 Dental Equipment Grant
  11. ENMR Grant 5,000.00 for Farmers and Stockmans Branch in Roy, NM

Total Grants:    $93,000.00

Treasurers Report: Gina Windle

Gina reported that we “were about on track” for this time of year. She went over profit and losses from years past and this year. She also revealed her budget for 2014-2015 and stated in order to meet the budget we are going to need more robust sponsorship agreements.

Presidents Report: Noel is generally pleased with what is happening in town. Many projects have been completed successfully and many more are in the works. Union County and Clayton are bound for growth and improvement in economic development.