Clayton Municipal Industrial Park

ClaytonMunicipalParkThe Clayton Municipal Industrial Park is approximately 1700 Acres of Annexed Farm land , upon which sets 10 wells, 5 being currently used for municipal and prison water supply. The Town of Clayton is completing a very large scale project on the Industrial Park location.

The town’s waste water treatment center has been renovated to more than triple its current capacity by the installation of two,  25 million gallon waste water treatment effluent containment ponds. Each pond is 650 feet in diameter and 8 feet deep, holding 77 acre-feet of water.  This water will be utilized in a local irrigation project of two circles (125 acres each) within the industrial park. Perhaps one day, a portion of the sorghum substrate for the biofuels plant could be grown within the Industrial Park.Clayton Industrial Park Ports to Plains

Secondly, a current infrastructure project has brought water, sewer , power, telephone and internet to the Industrial park as we encourage new industry.

The Industrial Park is ideally located on the Ports to Plains Highway project.  The site has rapid access to four lane highway, and negotiations with BNSF for rail spur creation are under way. Currently , we are looking at a BioFuels Industry, manufacturing 200 million gallons of BioEthanol  annually, from locally grown sorghum, combined with a water power co generation facility to supply the water through desalination and the power through gasification processes.