Major Industries & Employers

The major employers in the area are the State and Local Government, The School System, The Hospital System. Union County is an agricultural area with sprawling cattle ranches. Clayton itself has a business community with multiple restaurants, motels, clothing stores, hardware stores, appliance stores, jewelry store, movie theater, a Cosmetic Skin Care company , museums , sporting goods stores especially designed for Hunters and Fishermen. There are service stations and autosupply. There are four feedlots in the surrounding area as well. Perhaps the most incredible recent improvement in the business environment in Clayton is our municipality acquisition of a City owned, but state leased high security prison. This facility houses approx 600 inmates. It is operated by GEO for state prisoners. The GEO group has been incredible with respect to raising the economic status of Clayton. The facility employees many local workers, but also sinks itself deep into helping our community in many charitable and business program opportunities. see for further information on this organization.

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