Quality of Life

You see the rainbow? There is a personal "pot of gold" at the end of that rainbow.

That pot of gold is the quality of life that we all derive from living in Clayton New Mexico.

The community, the friendship, and the camaraderie are the main components of our way of life. You cannot drive down the street without everyone waving. You cannot go from the grocery store after telling a story, to the nail salon a few minutes away without hearing your same story with a new twist repeated back to you. To some, this might be uncomfortable, but to us, it is home. Our town thrives on personal interaction.

We have a fabulous climate. The summer temperatures are in the 80's with low humidity. The summer evenings are cool, where a sweater in required most nights. The winters are mild. We occasionally will have a howling blizzard from the north, or a wet snow from the southeast, but generally we are high plains grassland, dry and arid, with a constant 10-15 knot breeze blowing to keep us cool in the summer.

We are famous for the Kiowa National Grasslands. This extremely high protein native grass is ideal for the dominant industry of Union County, ranching. Our town has about 2500 citizens, the county about 4400. We know we are all in this small place together, so we respect one another. But we also know we have something that most people do not have. We have quite, serenity, peace of mind, wide open spaces, in short, we have God's country. We do not have hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods or other disasters. We do have drought occasionally, but that always ends with incredible green pastures and ranch prosperity.

There is continuity of thought, continuity of life, continuity of business relationships, and personal growth beyond what one could ever have in a large populated city. The benefits of living and doing business in Clayton New Mexico, considering the tumultuous events of the world today, make Clayton a very attractive community to raise a family and experience rural lifestyle.  We have wind, we have sun, we have land, we have livestock, and we have the potential for some incredible business and industry locating here; renewable energy in the form of wind, solar, biofuels, combined   with the Ports to Plains Highway access, makes Clayton, an attractive destiny for a new entrepreneurial model.