Wind for Schools Project

The Wind for Schools program, sanctioned by NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratories) and DOE (US Dept of Energy) will initiate a science based curricula at Clayton High School for juniors and seniors in the science of (digital) electricity generation from the analog source: Wind. With the permitting in Union County of the Gallegos/Triangle Wind Farm, and the successful transaction of leasing state land (18,000 acres) with the State Land Office, the project is now building roads to the designated sites of the windmills.  Soon, Union County will require Wind Field workers.  With the ground breaking of the Tres Amigas project in Clovis, the north, south, east and western electrical grids of the United States will be connected and controlled by a uniform power distribution network controlled by a massive superconducting server. Several high voltage transmission projects for northeastern New Mexico are already under consideration.

The Lucky Corridor Transmission Line from Gladstone NM to Taos NM will be the first FERC regulated line out of Union County. Clean Line would like to place a privatized DC line from Southern Union County all the way to California.
The students of today need more vocational job opportunities. The jobs are really in the energy sector, the technology sector, the computer and informational exchange sector.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratories in combination with the US department of Energy has developed some curricula for the Wind for Schools program. The Goal of the curricula is to stimulate interest in renewable energy, especially wind power, in the junior and senior levels at high schools, while providing advanced curricula to be equipped for technical institutes like Mesa Lands Wind College in Tucumcari, following graduation. Much of the curricula will be delivered by Internet through Mesalands Wind School in Tucumcari for advanced placement credits.

The proposal requires installation of a small scale wind turbine located on or near the school ground, interconnected to the schools power source, PNM for back metering. Mesalands University will participate in the science based curricula and other areas of adult education through the hardware, software and fiber optic network now being placed by ENMR.  The project was funded largely by the Frederick L Leonhardt Foundation in Albuquerque NM and ENMR Plateau out of Clovis New Mexico.